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Welcome to Los Angeles Center For Endodontics. When a dentist or a patient in the Los Angeles Area wants to make sure that a root canal is done properly they turn to Los Angeles Center For Endodontics. Our staff is highly trained and are experts in everything there is to know about root canals, root canal therapy, retreatment of roots, and cracked teeth. Our Endodontic Office is located just northwest of downtown Los Angeles in Koreatown. We are on the second floor of the LA Medical Center.

We accept patient referrals from all local dentists and we also work with patients directly. If you think you may be in need of a root canal or root canal therapy please contact our office, and our team will be sure to get you scheduled at your earliest convenience. 

Based on his Yelp reviews, I had a root canal done by Dr. Lee. I give him my highest recommendation - and so does my very picky dentist. He said it was "a really excellent job", and wanted to know how I found my endodontist! Dr. Lee is a perfectionist and also works exceptionally fast. I was in and out in about 30 minutes. Receptionist/assistant bent over backward to help me - very nice. Highly recommend Dr. Mindo Lee.
Candice H. - Los Angeles, CA
Was referred here by a dentist. The experience was overall very friendly, professional and thorough. Dr. Lee doesn't beat around the bush, told me whats going on and what the plan of action was and went the whole 9 yards for my treatment. The root canal was painless and on both visits, constantly asked how I was doing. His receptionist, Esther who was very friendly and made sure I was taken care of. I will definitely recommend this place and Even though I came here once, Dr. Lee just became my preferred choice.
John K. - Westminster, CA
I've had many bad experiences with dentists & when I was recently told that I would need a root canal, I was beyond scared! Today (3/31), I arrived at my appointment, met the specialist, Dr. Mindo Lee and I have to say that he puts my other dentists to shame. He picked up on my fears & took the time to explain the procedure (even while I was undergoing it), was extremely patient with me, made me feel like I was in control & had a say in what I was undergoing. To say that he alleviated my fears & completed the root canal with ZERO pain is an understatement. I cried tears of joy & thanked him profusely, along with his congenial receptionist (my apologies for forgetting her name). I can highly recommend him, and I wish he was my main dentist. But it's good to know that there are doctors out there that truly care about their patients well being. THANK YOU AGAIN, DR. LEE!!
Maria S. - Los Angeles, CA
I had an amazing experience. The staff were super friendly. I was so scared because I thought the root canal procedure would be extremely painful and long but it was painless and pretty quick. I would definitely recommend this place!
Catherine C. - Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Lee did a root canal retreat on what was an incredibly challenging case for my husband. We had three different opinions prior to seeing Dr. Lee and they all conceded that it was damn near impossible to do anything other than an implant. My husband was very reluctant about committing to an implant without trying a more conservative approach first. He's terrified of the dentist but after his consultation with Dr. Lee he felt at ease and calm about the whole process. Dr. Lee is so highly trained and well versed in endodontics that he was able to clearly explain each step of the process of a retreat for my husband along with the possible drawbacks that he could encounter. He addressed all of our concerns, answered any questions and laid out the options and the prognosis. My husband felt completely comfortable and trusted Dr. Lee, as did I, and we opted to have him handle the case. We are so happy we did! Dr. Lee is a master at what he does. Because he does endodontics only, he's perfected the practice. He was able to save my husband's tooth, treat and monitor the lesions and seal the canals properly. We are so grateful to him for giving us the option to retreat and doing such an amazing job. An implant was the least favorable scenario and thanks to Dr. Lee's expertise my husband was able to keep his tooth and with minimal pain. Dr Lee is hands down the best at what he does in LA. The office is immaculate and has the top of the line technology. His staff and office manager, Esther, are also wonderful and make you feel welcome and comfortable. We couldn't be any happier with the caliber of care and service my husband received and highly recommend Dr Lee!
Susan N. - Fullerton, CA
Writing for my fiancé, who has been in a lot of pain recently from his tooth. Dr. Lee and his staff were very kind and informative about the whole procedure and the risks. He is focused on helping the patient make an informed decision for themselves, so it's clear he prioritizes his patients needs. Hopefully there aren't anymore toothaches, but if we did have them, we'd go back to Dr. Lee without hesitation.
Alexandra M. - Paramount, CA
Dr. Lee truly has the magic touch! First of all, he made time to see me because he knew that I was in severe pain and I needed to fly out of the country the next day. I have never had any work done other than cleanings my whole life so I had no idea what to expect. I have heard so many horror stories about root canal's gone wrong so naturally, I was a bit nervous. Dr. Lee was thorough with his explanation of the process and talked me through the whole procedure. I honestly didn't feel a thing! Dr. Lee and everyone in the office was so incredibly warm and welcoming. I had the best experience ever at the dentist. Not many people can say that. Thank you Dr. Lee!
Erica D. - Los Angeles, CA
I got referred to Dr. Mindo Lee by my Dentist for a botched root canal which was infected. Dr. Lee was extremely thorough when examining me and very educational towards explaining all my options to repair the tooth in question. During the procedure, Dr. Lee kept me up to date as to how everything was going and took at least 8 x-rays to ensure the root canal was done successfully. When I was finished I was walked through all the potential issues that could have arose and given his cell phone and a just in case prescription to use if I had excessive swelling. Overall, a Dentist who's thorough and informative is all you can ask for when dealing with such sensitive areas. 10-10 would use again but hope to never have to.
Allen L. - Santa Monica, CA
I seriously can't say enough nice things about this place - Dr. Lee, the whole front desk staff (Esther and another very friendly lady), the assistants - they are all AMAZING!! They really treat you like family here, I don't think I've ever been this excited to return for a second visit. A lot of dentists just want your money, but this place is different. They really care about you and the patient's well-being. They are very friendly over the phone and don't get annoyed when you ask them stupid questions like I did. (I had a lunch planned after my procedure so I actually called to see when I'd be able to eat. Yes, stupid question but it was crucial!!!) They really welcome each and every patient with a big smile, I wish every dentist office was this friendly. It would make my dentist visits so much more enjoyable. I had a root canal around 5-6 years ago at a general dentist in ktown. Turns out it wasn't properly done so I had to get it again. My new general dentist (One Dental) recommended this place and Dr. Lee as he is very qualified and is really good at what he does. It took 2 visits for me for the whole procedure, I have very low pain tolerance and absolutely hate going to the dentist/seeing the doctor in general, but my overall experience here was pain-free!! If you need a root canal, this is the place to go. They also have a variety of toothpaste samples so make sure you take advantage of the freebies here PARKING - free parking in the structure on Oxford.
Sarah M. - New York, NY
Unfortunately, I ended up needing two root canals this past month, and I'm so glad I found Dr. Lee. I originally had a consult with another endodontist that my sister referred me to, but he was out of town the week prior to my scheduled treatment and the pain got so bad that I had to find someone else on short notice. I found Dr. Lee through Yelp and would definitely refer him to anyone I know that needs a root canal. Connie (front desk) was very accommodating in fitting me in last minute for the consult & treatment due to the crazy pain I was having for my first root canal, and Dr. Lee was great about talking to me on the phone on his day off even before my initial consult. Everyone in the office is very nice and efficient, which I really appreciated. Dr. Lee is able to explain it well so that it's easy to understand, and what I really liked was that he is very realistic and that his end goal is to try to fix the problem and save the tooth. My dentist initially suggested removing the tooth as the easy sure fix, but I'd much rather prefer treating it and not losing the tooth if possible... The actual treatment is very easy too. I felt no pain during the treatments and I don't think I really felt anything afterward either. If anything, I really was feeling pain from the infection prior to any treatment. Dr. Lee is very thorough but also pretty quick, and I think it ended up taking around 45 min to an hour each time. This pain from the tooth infection made me realize how sensitive the mouth area is, and I think Dr. Lee's office is definitely the go-to to trust to have it treated well.
Janet K. - Los Angeles, CA
After neglecting the pain in my mouth for quite some time I finally bit the bullet (with my dilapidated molars) and went to my dentist for a consult. They referred me to Dr. Mindo Lee's practice to receive 2 root canal treatments. Making the appointments was great because they have a lot of availability to work with my erratic work schedule- even on weekends! Connie, the receptionist, is super sweet and thorough with your after-care instructions. She even calls you the following day to make sure you're not in any pain. The dental assistant (the hispanic guy with glasses. Sorry I didn't get your name!) is also great. He is constantly checking that you're okay, don't have a spit lake in the back of your throat, and doesn't stab you with the x-ray thing that goes in your mouth. Before the root canal, Dr. Lee introduced himself and explained what the purpose of the root canal was. Once he started, he worked fast AND thoroughly. Two dentists at the clinic that referred me talked about his speed, efficiency, and extreme thoroughness. They mentioned to me that he even uses a microscope to make sure he didn't miss any roots or nerve tissue, which could lead to complications. During the actual root canal treatment I didn't feel any pain or discomfort. Dr. Lee prescribed me 2 different pain killers as well as medication for some gnarly canker sores I had after I accidentally bit my lip while chewing gum. BTW, I didn't end up needing the pain killers after since I was numb for quite some time after the procedure. When I went back to my general dentist, they told me I'd need two more root canal treatments *hooray for me!*. I immediately called Dr. Lee and booked my appointments. The trust and rapport set by Dr. Lee and his staff is second to none. Thanks Dr. Lee, Connie, and The Cool Hispanic Guy that took my X-Rays and helped Dr. Lee During my RCT!
Bernadette A. - Los Angeles, CA
I'm 100 percent hearing losses. I called  Calif relay call, they accepted my phone call with the relay operator! The dentist worker very polite friendly in a professional way. My appointment went well, they greeted me like family! Very comfortable in a dentist office! Dr knows I can't hear well. Dr talked his cell to translate to text for me to read of details the dentist procedure before doing tooth canal. He wrote over 5 pages for me to understand what dr telling me. I hugged dr to Thank him for very well taking care of me in communication and treatments. I LOVED DR MINDO LEE, D.D.S!!
Richard G. - Los Angeles, CA
I was treated root canal treatment for my moral tooth and Dr. Lee did an excellent job. Staff was very friendly and kind. A++
Chewy K. - Los Angeles, CA
The visit was off to a rough start (some administrative issues with the receptionist), but the procedure was pretty much trouble-free and professional as can be hoped for with a root canal and finished within about an hour. Prices are in line with other specialists, leaning towards the lower end of the spectrum. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Doug M. - Los Angeles, CA
Had a beyond AMAZING first-time experience with Dr. Lee. He knows what he's doing! His staff and he are the sweetest and extremely kind people I've met going into a dentist/endodontist office. I had my first ever root canal done, pain-free also, and I'm pleased to say I went to the right people! Highly recommend Dr. Lee!
Kay L. - Los Angeles, CA
I just want to say, I hate going to the dentist. However, Dr. Lee made me feel so comfortable, I practically fell asleep in the chair! I came in for a root canal which already had me anxious and nervous because I've never had one. Dr. Lee reassured me and even made my nervous-self laugh. His anesthesia procedure was painless. His staff was all nice and they all seemed to get along perfectly with each other. Overall, best endodontist I've ever had and an amazing, wonderful staff. Thanks, Dr. Lee! Hope you had a great Christmas!
Kari G. - Los Angeles, CA
I had an amazing experience. The staff was super friendly. I was so scared that my root canal would be painful and long but it was actually painless and super quick. I would definitely recommend this place!
Cindy A. - Los Angeles, CA

Our Doctors


Here at Los Angeles Center For Endodontics, our doctors lead an amazing team of highly trained dental technicians and hygienists to provide the highest quality care to our patients in the Los Angeles area. Together Dr. Mindo Lee and Dr. Stephen Park have over 30 years of experience in practicing dentistry and endodontics. They are both board-certified endodontists and are both natives to the great state of California. While some endodontic practices talk about being experts in endodontics Dr. Mindo Lee and Dr. Stephen Park actually live that expertise day in and day out. If you live in the Los Angeles Area and you need a root canal, come to see Dr. Lee or Dr. Park at Los Angeles Center For Endodontics. 

Dr. Mindo LeeDDS

Dr. Lee has been practicing dentistry since 2003. Dr. Lee puts the highest value on doing everything he can for all his patients to help them preserve their teeth. Dr. Lee is here to listen to his patient's needs and address their personal dental needs.

Dr. Stephen ParkDDS

Dr. Stephen Park attended the University of Southern California earned his degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery, and then he began practicing as a general dentist. After 15 years of practicing general dentistry, he went on to pursue further training in Advanced Endodontics at his alma mater, the University of Southern California in 2017.

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Your satisfaction is our top priority. We believe that proper root canal treatment and great all around endodontic care is a right that all patients in the greater Los Angeles Area should have access to and receive. If you are new to the area and looking for an endodontist you can bring the entire family to Los Angeles Center For Endodontics.

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